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Julia Albarracín

Julia Albarracín is a professor of Political Science at Western Illinois University and was the first Dan and Laura Webb Professor in her department between the years 2015 and 2018. She received her Law Degree from the Universidad de La Plata, her MBA from Universidad de Belgrano-Paris Tech, and her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Florida. She was recognized  at Western Illinois University with the Provost Award for Excellence in Internationalizing the Campus and President’s Award for Excellence in Leadership. Her book At the Core and in the Margins: The Incorporation of Mexican Immigrants in two Rural Midwestern Communities (Michigan State University) was nominated by Casa de Las Americas for its prestigious Latino Studies Award. Her forthcoming book, Making Immigrants in Modern Argentina will be published by Notre Dame University Press in May 2020. She has also published book chapters and numerous articles that have appeared in Aids and Behavior, Aids Care, American Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Dialogos, and the Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences on a diversity of issues related to Latinx and immigrant communities, including HIV prevention, health coverage, language acquisition, and political participation. Her community work includes acting a City of Macomb’s Equal Opportunity and Fair Housing Commissioner, consultant for the creation of the CUPHD’s Immigrant Welcome Center (Immigrant Cooperative), Community Navigator for Immigration Project, and Executive Director of the immigrant services organization Western Illinois DREAMers.